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The Talent Strategy Group

TSG Executive Search

We don't just know people; we know the right people

We know great human resource talent because we teach them, consult to them and have built relationships with them for years.

Create the Foundation of Great Talent Management

What’s Your Talent Philosophy?

In few companies has the senior team agreed on a clearly defined talent philosophy– their “rules of the road” for how talent

Build The World's Best HR Talent

Improve Your Team’s Talent Building Ability

The weak link in most companies’ talent strategy is HR and line managers’ inability to assess, coach and develop talent.

Radically Simplify Your Talent Practices

Our proprietary Rapid Cycle Design process transforms your processes in 2 days!

In One Page Talent Management we challenged companies to radically simplify their talent practices in order to build better

Your CEO Needs to Lead Talent Management: Here's How

The CEO’s Talent Agenda

The CEOs Talent Agenda describes the three key areas where CEOs should take action to accelerate talent building in their

Don't Blame Us if Bears Eat Your Company

It's easy to avoid the private equity bears if you follow our simple w..

What's Hot in the CHRO Marketplace

CEOs are actively upgrading their CHRO talent with talent management n..

Becoming A Talent6 Leader

For your company to get more than its "fair share" of talent, your lea..

Past event

24 October 2016

Global Talent Management Institute

The "go to" course for HR and talent management leaders from top global companies.