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Talent Management

Transform your Company into World-Class Talent Builders

The weak link in most companies’ talent strategy is HR and line managers’ inability to assess, coach and develop talent. Without this capability, even the most well-designed talent practices will fail. At The Talent Strategy Group, we help you build line and HR leaders’ talent management capabilities through both custom and executive education programs.

The Talent Management Institute at UNC
We founded the Talent Management Institute at the University of North Carolina where we create talent building capability in HR leaders. This four day executive education course provides hands on skill building, hours of practice and a plethora of tools to help HR leaders quickly develop these critical skill sets. Using our two frameworks of The 4+2 Model and The Talent Production Line, we accelerate your HR team's development. Download our brochure here and register for TMI at UNC here.

Private TMI for HR and Private TMI for Leaders
Our customized two, three and four day on-site Private TMI programs provide your HR or line leaders with easy frameworks, plentiful practice and feedback, and all the tools they’ll need to become better talent leaders.

We teach HR leaders how to influence executives, assess talent, develop high potentials and much more. We focus line leaders on the three most critical skills –assessing, coaching, and developing leaders. Download our Private TMI brochure here.

Please contact us for more details on our custom programs.