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Talent Management

What Your CEO Needs to Do Today about Talent

The CEOs Talent Agenda describes the three key areas where CEOs should take action to accelerate talent building in their companies.  Originally described in the article the CEOs talent agenda this agenda consists of three parts – two of which The Talent Strategy Group can assist you with.  

1. Create your Talent Philosophy: A company’s talent philosophy describes the ”rules of the road” your organization uses to make talent decisions. Created and agreed to by the executive team, it provides guidance for all talent decisions and allows employees to understand how their career will be managed.  Learn more about talent philosophy here (LINK to the foundation of talent management page)

2.  Define Great Talent:  It’s impossible to build great talent if you haven’t crisply defined what differentiates great in your organization. Typical leadership competency models fail in that they capture a broad-based definition of good rather than a sharply defined statement of great.  

Our proprietary Success Model approach focuses on outcomes that a leader must deliver. The result is an intuitive, inspiring, aspirational and memorable model that truly allows you to easily differentiate your highest potential talent. Read more about it here.

3.  Upgrade your HR Expectations: CEOs should not have to worry about their organization’s day-to-day execution of talent building activities.  In too many organizations, unfortunately, a deeply experienced businessperson with strong HR capabilities does not lead this function. In “The CEOs Talent Agenda” we describe the three differentiating capabilities of a great CHRO.   If you’re interested in assessing or upgrading your HR team, contact us today for more information about how we can help.