We find you the best HR and Talent Executives. We know great human resource talent because we teach them, consult to them and have built strong relationships with them for years. We also know great HR talent because, unlike consultants in typical search firms, we’ve actually done the job. This unique perspective and experience allows us to quickly find your company distinctly superior human resources talent. Learn more here.

Our Focus

We focus exclusively on finding your company the best HR and talent management executives globally. We believe that 90th percentile talent in these roles can accelerate strategy execution and create a strong foundation for future corporate success. Our exposure to, and experience with, thousands of HR executives allows us to clearly identify superior HR talent.

Our Insights

Applying our One Page Talent Management maxim of “start with the science,” we use our research-derived, proprietary HR and talent capability and fit models to help evaluate candidates. We provide you with a focused, succinct analysis of a candidate’s capabilities, fit and likely success.

Our Experience

Our clients include the world’s largest and most successful companies across sectors and continents. We have even greater depth in the broader financial services, pharmaceutical and consumer products sectors.

Our Team

Our search associates have deep experience in the world’s top executive search firms.

Our Process

We’ve heard from many executives about the transactional, one-sided and dismissive approach practiced by all-too-many executive search firms. We promise a flawless process to our clients and a superior experience for your candidates.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to start your search.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited resumes.