About Us

Welcome to The Talent Strategy Group.  We approach the challenge of building better talent faster with fresh eyes and a radically different, proven effective approach – One Page Talent Management. Our clients are among the world's largest and most successful companies in financial services, consumer products, technology, media and more. They value our science-based simplicity, honest counsel and unwavering focus on the financial success of their organization.


We use the OPTM approach to radically simplify the talent practices of large, global companies. We describe this approach in the Harvard Business Press best selling book One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value. We believe successful talent management integrates science-based simplicity, accountability and transparency.


Our passion is using innovative talent solutions to help companies maximize their profitability. Our recent innovations include Talent Philosophy, Success Models, The Talent Production Line, Experience Maps, Rapid Cycle Design and the OPTM360.


We believe that value is found only in successful execution. Simple, easy to use processes are the foundation of execution, and we support these by building HR capabilities, training line and HR executives and developing broad-based employee communication programs. Our efforts to build HR leader capabilities include co-founding and teaching at the University of North Carolina Talent Management Institute.

Our clients have proven that our approach builds better talent faster. We invite your organization to achieve that same level of success. For more information, contact us today.