Talent Management

10 Days of Talent

Welcome to the 10 Days of Talent – A series dedicated to providing a full spectrum of effective, efficient and easy-to-implement HR solutions that are based on science, not fads.

For a 10-day transformation, we feature our proprietary methods and solutions for both simple and complex issues that Talent and HR professionals face every day. We hope you enjoy this series and if you think these solutions could help your team’s objectives, please contact us today, we would love to hear from you.



Day 1: Talent Philosophy

It's easy to predict whether your talent management strategy will succeed.

Ask your executive team if they're aligned on how to best manage Talent to achieve your business goals.

In most companies, they've never been asked. That's why we developed Talent Philosophy, to give our Fortune 1000 consulting clients the executive direction and support their strategy needs.

Is your team's Talent aligned? Take our 'Quick Assessment' to find out. 

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Day 2: HR Audit

You can't plan your journey until you know your starting point.

That is why we developed our HR Practices Audit - a new approach to assessing HR strategy and practices.

We have helped some of the world's largest, most complex organizations to enhance, simplify and align their HR practices to business needs. 

Not sure where your team stands? Take the 'Quick Audit' to find out.

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Day 3: Success Models

Leaders perform better when they know the exact outcomes you expect.

A typical competency model provides leaders with too much help – lists and layers of behaviors.

Your leaders really want to know the select outcomes that your organization wants them to deliver.

Meet the Success Model – our proprietary approach to identify the 4 – 5 outcomes that quickly and easily differentiate your best talent.

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Day 4: Performance Management

Managing performance is a critical - and often overlooked - aspect of developing talent.

Yet, few companies benefit from this process because they pursue the latest in quick-fix trends. We know better.

Our Fortune 1000 clients turn to us to optimize their Performance Management process because we focus on the science-backed fundamentals, critical for success.

Is your team's Performance Management optimized? Take the 'Quick Audit' to find out.

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Day 5: Talent Reviews

A high-quality talent review allows your company to build better talent faster but few companies flawlessly execute this process. 

Our experience conducting hundreds of talent reviews and building the processes for complex global companies shows that six factors enable a successful review.

From process design to facilitation to follow-up, these are simple steps that any company can master and that immediately produce better results.

When was the last time you evaluated your team’s process of reviewing talent?

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Day 6: Talent Production Line

Producing Talent shouldn't be a guessing game. 

We believe that Talent should be manufactured with the same care as products or services.

That is why we developed the Talent Production Line, a unique approach loved by our Fortune 1000 clients because it creates lean and efficient methods of producing critical talent. 

Are you producing the Talent your organization needs both consistently and efficiently? Take our 'Quick Assessment' to find out.

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Day 7: Experience Maps

The 70/20/10 mantra says that 70% of learning occurs through experiences.

But, most companies default to training as their “go to” development approach.

We created Experience Maps to make the 70% a reality by identifying the functional and leadership experiences that will most accelerate a leaders’ career.

Interested in making development truly effective at your organization?

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Day 8: Goal Setting

Do bigger goals create higher performing employees?

The science is clear that larger goals deliver larger results - but few companies build their leaders’ capability to set great goals. 

We understand the importance of Goal Setting and have created a succinct and powerful process to help our Fortune 1000 clients set focused, challenging and more performance-driving goals.

Ready to up your team's Goals?

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Day 9: Talent6 Leaders

If you believe that better quality talent delivers better results - stop ignoring your best development tool.

All of your leaders should regularly increase the quality and depth of their team, but few are naturally great talent-builders. Improve their ability using Talent6 to set a higher bar.

Does your team's leadership meet Talent6? 

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Day 10: Reflection

You are now equipped with the latest in science-based HR and talent solutions - each proven to improve the quality and the depth of your Talent at your organization. 

Ready to put these ideas into action?

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