Talent Management

Radically Simplify Your Talent Practices

In One Page Talent Management we challenged companies to radically simplify their talent practices in order to build better talent faster. We apply that science-based simplicity in our approach to designing your talent management practices.

We have created Rapid Cycle Design – an approach that meaningfully shortens the time it takes to build your core performance management or succession planning process. Over two days (sometimes less) we help your team design the end-to-end process by structuring a disciplined, science-based conversation about its most critical elements. We have applied Rapid Cycle Design in both large and small organizations, across industries and geographies, with equally high levels of success.

Our unique approach reduces the typical design period by up to nine months and allows you to focus instead on successfully implementing the process. We can provide complete implementation support including the training of HR and line managers, comprehensive communication planning and execution, development of all collateral material and measuring program success.

Contact us for more information about radically simplifying your company’s talent practices using this exclusive Talent Strategy Group approach.