Talent Management

Transform HR and Talent Management

Successful HR and talent management transformation doesn't come from novel organization structures, the latest technology or elegant process design. It comes from the flawless execution of your HR strategy, enabled by clear accountabilities, exceptional quality HR leaders and powerful operating routines.

As we descsribe in our article, "It's the Mortar, not the Bricks" HR organization design is now generic -- services, specialists and business partners. You must get organization design correct, but that only begins the conversation about how to make HR effective. In our work with big pharma, big food and big tech companies, we've found that the differentiating elements of HR transformation success are:

HR Operations Choices:

  • How centralized or decentralized?
  • CHRO Direct Report Structure
  • Hierarchy within HR
  • Operating rhythm and decision making
  • How to best combine COE elements

HR Quality: HR structure and processes are enabled by people and we find there's significant room to improve the quality of HR leaders. Most organizations don't move quickly enough to address this element of transformation.

Radical Process Simplification: We wrote the book on simplifying HR processes - One Page Talent Management - and we still see grossly overcomplicated processes undercutting HR transformation efforts. We believe that process redesign must start with the strongest science on people and organizations.

We've transformed HR organizations as practitioners and as consultants, so understand the real-world concerns, issues and enablers of success. Let's talk about your needs and how we might help.