OPTM Talent Practices Audit

Assessing Talent Practice Effectiveness

Simplicity. Accountability. Transparency.

These three powerful words define effective talent management. Do they describe your company’s talent management practices? Do you understand where gaps exist and the specific actions needed to close them? An OPTM Talent Practices Audit provides keen insights and practical guidance available nowhere else.

The Situation

Less than 50% of companies rate their talent management practices as consistently effective. Performance management processes don’t increase company performance. Talent review processes don’t predict which leaders will succeed. 360 assessments don’t produce the critical behavior changes needed. Our research shows a clear statistical link between an increase in a talent practice’s simplicity, accountability and transparency and an increase in its effectiveness. How do your practices rate?

Our Approach

Our OPTM Talent Practices Audit provides you with a comprehensive and precise roadmap for increasing the impact of your talent management practices. The audit thoroughly assesses your practices’ effectiveness, simplicity, value add, accountability and transparency using an extensive data review and interviews with key HR and business leaders. Based on this analysis, we develop detailed, specific and practical recommendations for improving practice effectiveness. Your audit report provides you with everything you’ll need to start building better talent faster.

Client Success Examples

  • A large health care company upgraded and standardized their talent practices across a newly evolved, multi-business organization.
  • A growing entertainment firm redesigned their performance management and talent review processes to create lean talent infrastructure that aligned with their culture.
  • A global financial services company quickly responded to their CEO’s directive to simplify and standardize practices across the organization.
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