Talent Philosophy Survey

Crafting Your Talent Philosophy.
How clear are your company’s rules for managing talent? Does your senior team agree on key issues such as how long it’s acceptable to be an average performer? Without explicit guidelines for managing talent, inconsistent and questionable decisions can quickly undermine your talent building processes.

The Situation

Most leaders have a point of view about how talent should be managed – a personal philosophy that guides their talent decisions. However, less than one-third of companies have identified their company-wide governing principles for managing talent. This results in inconsistent, conflicting and sometimes inappropriate decisions being made about critical talent issues. It can also decrease engagement as managers and employees struggle to understand the “rules of the road” for success in your organization.

Our Approach

Using our proprietary OPTM Talent Philosophy process, we help your company to create concise, practical guidelines for managing talent – your talent philosophy. A brief survey and select executive interviews identify your preferred approach to managing elements such as Performance, Behaviors, Differentiation, Transparency, and Accountability. Working closely with your team, we use this data to prepare a draft talent philosophy for review by your senior leaders. The final result is a concise set of statements that governs the critical elements of growing talent at your company.

Client Success Examples

  • A financial services firm undergoing significant culture change created their talent philosophy to communicate a new approach to managing and rewarding talent.
  • A large global conglomerate established a talent philosophy to allow more consistent application of talent management practices across their five lines of business.
  • A rapidly growing media firm developed a talent philosophy to support better and faster decisions on key talent issues in their entrepreneurial environment.

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