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European Courses – For HR

In a complex global environment, superior talent remains the surest path to sustained competitive advantage. As traditional approaches to building talent become less effective, HR programs face an increasing risk of deficiency. The Global Talent Management Institute is dedicated to building the capabilities and providing the tools necessary to elevate today’s HR by aligning talent development with business objectives.

This four-day, highly interactive course, uses proprietary frameworks, tools and exercises to build your capacity for creating and executing lean, effective talent practices on a global scale. Lead by Marc Effron and Jim Shanley, two of the most respected voices and deeply experienced leaders in Human Resources today, this course will develop the skills you need to differentiate yourself as a talent-building leader.

Public Courses – For HR

Our flagship course teaches HR leaders to build that superior talent faster than their competitors. Using proprietary frameworks, tools and exercises, we grow your capability to create and execute lean, effective talent practices and enhance the six skills that will differentiate you as as a talent-building leader.

In our four-day, highly interactive class you’ll learn from Marc Effron and Jim Shanley, two of the most highly respected, deeply experienced leaders in the field. You’ll also learn from 40 peers from a diverse group of the world’s top companies.

Since 2012, every public TMI course has sold out, so register now for our next course to guarantee your space!

Private Workshops – For Leaders and HR

Your company becomes a talent engine when your leaders and HR team build their capabilities at our Private TMI Workshops. We compress our public session content into a one-day course for leaders and a two-day course for HR.

TMI for Leaders
We elevate your business leaders’ capabilities to assess, select, develop and engage their talent using simple, science-based, powerful tools and processes. We share the practical tools and frameworks to help leaders and organizations get more than their fair share of talent.

TMI for HR
Your HR team will have increased confidence and competence in their ability to create and execute your company’s talent agenda. They will increase their practical skills to operationalize key talent processes and improve their ability to both set and influence the larger HR strategy. They will be seen as more trusted advisors to their clients .

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