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10 Days of Talent

10-day series of science-based solutions for HR and Talent professionals

Effective, efficient and easy-to-implement HR solutions that are based on science, not fads.

TSG Executive Search

We don't just know people; we know the right people

We know great human resource talent because we teach them, consult to them and have built relationships with them for years.

What's Your Talent Philosophy?

It's the secret ingredient for talent management success. Learn how the world's premier companies execute it.

In few companies has the senior team agreed on a clearly defined talent philosophy– their “rules of the road”.

Transform your Company into World-Class Talent Builders

Upskill your HR and line leaders in simple, powerful solutions from the Talent Management Institute

The weak link in most companies’ talent strategy is HR and line managers’ inability to assess, coach and develop talent.

Radically Simplify Your Talent Practices

We created Science-based Simplicity in HR. Our proprietary redesign process optimizes quality & execution.

In One Page Talent Management we challenged companies to radically simplify their talent practices for the better.

Deny the science? Don't be D.U.M.B.

What to avoid when confronted with new and challenging information...

The Myth of Low Engagement

Worried about global engagement numbers? Think again. ..

Talent Management Revolution

A research report on decades of learning and the next frontier for Tal..

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February 25, 2019

Talent Management Institute - Chapel Hill, Europe and Asia

The #1 Executive Education Course in Talent Management. More than 3,000 participants worldwide have graduated from the Talent Management Institute. Join us in Europe, APAC or UNC Executive Education in North Carolina.