The Talent Strategy Group helps the world's leading organizations create incisive talent strategies and powerful talent building processes. Our work is guided by the One Page Talent Management approach – simplicity, accountability and transparency.


We partner with you to create a concise talent management strategy that delivers the talent quality and depth that your business requires. Using both organic methods and our unique talent strategy framework, we help you identify the vital few levers that will ensure talent management success. Our approach delivers a crisp, focused and actionable plan that you can immediately implement.


The OPTM Talent Practices Audit allows you to optimize your talent management practices using the insights and detailed recommendations produced by our proprietary One Page Talent Management methodology. We assess the effectiveness, simplicity, accountability and transparency of your talent building processes and provide specific advice for change. You receive the detailed, practical advice that only our combination of practitioner experience and consulting breadth can deliver.
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Unique to The Talent Strategy Group, the Talent Philosophy process determines your company’s “rules of the road” for managing talent. Your executive team provides input through our proprietary survey or interviews. We facilitate your team through a discussion that finalizes the philosophy and secures their commitment. We've guided the world's largest and most admired financial services, consumer products, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other firms through this process. Complete communicate support is also available.


We believe that talent should be produced with the same discipline and rigor that companies apply to any other process. Read more about our philosophy in “Creating Your Talent Production Line

Performance Management

We are the global experts in the design and implementation of effective performance management. Guided by the extensive science in this area, we create a highly customized performance management process that meets your organization’s unique needs. We can design and move to implementation quickly through to our Rapid Cycle Design process.  Exclusive to our firm, Rapid Cycle Design completes process design cycle over one to two days using a specific set of design questions.  Our One Page Talent Management approach also assures that your company’s process is science-based, amazingly powerful and incredibly easy to use.

Succession Planning/Talent Reviews

An effective talent review process is the engine of talent growth in your organization. Your process should accurately predict who will succeed and ensure that talent is being appropriately developed. Applying the One Page Talent Management approach, we seamlessly integrate assessment, development and movement into a lean process that accelerates the growth of your talent.


The typical leadership competency model overwhelms managers with needless complexity while providing little helpful information. We help you identify the few differentiating behaviors that will truly create higher performance. Your new Success Model will provide clear, inspiring guidance to your managers and, along with your talent management philosophy, be the foundation for your talent management practices.

Our proprietary Experience Maps approach provides a clear, intuitive guide for developing functional strength. Managers and employees will quickly understand the experiences that are required to demonstrate functional excellence and advance in their careers.


We created the Global Talent Management Institute at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan–Flagler School of Business to help companies to grow better talent faster. We offer two, three and four-day customized programs for line executives and human resource staff. These intensive programs feature extensive hands on practice in assessing, developing and managing talent using our proprietary tools. Learn more about the Talent Management Institute or contact us about a customized program.

The OPTM360/OPTM 4+2

Accelerate your leaders' development with the only tool that tells them exactly what, and how, to improve. The OPTM360 takes the time and pain out of the typical 360 process.  Learn more about it here.  And new from The Talent Strategy Group – the OPTM 4+2 – the only 360 for HR leaders based on the 4+2 Model by Marc Effron and Jim Shanley. This model is the basis for teaching at the Talent Management Institute.